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You. This is a game about you.

When you clicked play, did you even wonder what it meant?

Did you believe it would only be about saving a dark world from an army of demons?

Did you think about games that blew your mind and pushed beyond the boundaries?

Did you anticipate the powers that you would gain?

Did you assume it was just a game?


Ren is the Promised Child, chosen by the Goddess to save the world from the forces of darkness. But nobody expected that this quest would transcend the boundaries between universes and bring a new understanding of the fabric of reality itself.

In this experimental philosophical narrative RPG you will find

  • A non-linear universe full of optional content for you to explore
  • A quirky narrative battle system
  • A minimalist atypical colorful art style
  • An entirely original cross-platform game engine built for the project
  • Favorite old school RPG features coming back: walk on the world map, name your characters, and more
  • A procedurally generated world different for every player
  • 15 unique characters to invite to your party, more than 74 monsters to encounter
  • 7 different endings
  • Between 5 and 30 hours of content depending on how exploratory you feel


This game engine is written in web technologies. You can launch the game in your own web browser using the index.html file in the game folder. When you do that, you can use your browser translation to play the game in any language. However, the experience will be very impaired (there are wordplays, riddles, and other non translatable quirks...).

Release date Aug 07, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Interactive Fiction
Tagsartgame, Experimental, JRPG, Minimalist, Narrative, Procedural Generation, Story Rich, Text based


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This is very cool and I've only just started 

Also loved Conversations

thanks, hop you enjoy :) let me know if you need anything!

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Oh yes, I just continued playing and was going to encounter the forest boss but the game came up with this icon:

So I tried reloading from my save but got stuck out of bounds, then I refreshed the game hoping to restart from scratch/erase all progress to fix the save issue, but in doing so, I'm stuck on the game saying 'Please wait, the game is loading' :(  I really want to continue playing the game because the premise and the intro trial are cool but I'm not sure how I can


I'm so sorry you're facing trouble, it seems like a series of unfortunate things piling up. The original error that started it all is one I'm familiar with, I dealt with it early in development and it's quite a surprise to see it pop back ^^ I think a lot of problems come from the fact that you're playing the game embedded in itch.io, it's an environment that I have very little control over so I have a hard time diagnosing bugs and understanding what's going on, it could be due to the interaction between itch and the game. I think if you download the game files it should work better, but maybe you'd rather play online, in which case I have a version hosted on my website: http://yo252yo.com/rd?winarg you can transfer save files between any version so don't worry about this. I'd be very surprised if your problems persist outside of the itch embed frame. 

Sorry again

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It's no problem! I will try playing on the site thanks and I got my save working from the download there